New reports analyse impacts of plantation industry on rural communities in Tasmania. Two new reports released today by the Cooperative Research Centre for Forestry provide the Tasmanian community with a better understanding of how the expansion of the plantation industry in recent years has changed rural communities. The reports, Community attitudes to plantations: survey of the views of residents of Tasmania by Dr Kathryn Williams of the University of Melbourne, and Socioeconomic impacts of the plantation industry on rural communities in Tasmania by Dr Jacki Schirmer of the Australian National University, provide a detailed understanding of how people living in rural communities view the rapid expansion of plantations, and of the socioeconomic changes that have accompanied this plantation expansion in recent years.

The reports are available for download from the CRC for Forestry website at www.crcforestry.com.au. See the links on the home page under ‘latest news’, ‘recent releases’ or ‘quick links’. Dr Williams and Dr Schirmer will present their findings at public seminars in Hobart (Monday 20th July, 5.30pm), Launceston (Tuesday 21st July, 5.30pm), Burnie (Wednesday 22nd July, 5.30pm) and Scottsdale (Thursday 23rd July, 5.30pm).

A report of this analysis reportedly is on today’s ABC Country Hour.