VANESSA GOODWIN, Liberal for Pembroke
Liberal Candidate for Pembroke Dr Vanessa Goodwin has today called on the Minister for Infrastructure Graeme Sturges to publicly reveal the outcome of his evaluation of the safety audit of the Mornington roundabout.

“Minister Sturges has accepted that there are safety problems with the new Mornington Roundabout and it is now vital that the he informs the people of Pembroke of the results of the evaluation of the safety audit that he has had conducted,” Vanessa Goodwin said.

“It has been nearly three weeks since Minister Sturges promised a full evaluation of the safety audit and that he would make some necessary changes yet we have heard nothing further from him.

“During my doorknocking people in Pembroke are continuing to raise with me the that the State Government has an obligation to ensure that signage and traffic arrangements at the Mornington roundabout as such that they do not cause confusion for motorists.

“There have been a number of minor accidents and near misses at the new Mornington Roundabout, especially with tourists heading for the airport and many in the local community have raised their concerns with me.

“At present the traffic arrangements are counter intuitive with airport traffic from Warrane required to use the left lane. They then must change lanes in the roundabout and cross over city bound vehicles coming from Howrah.

“There is not sufficient understanding from motorists approaching the roundabout from Warrane that they cannot turn left from the right lane and must only use the left lane if they are heading towards the city or the airport.

“I believe the Department of Infrastructure needs to consider changing the arrangements to make them safer and more intuitive.”If the left lane was changed into a city bound traffic lane only and the right lane for airport, Pass Road and Howrah bound traffic, there would be no lane crossing in the roundabout.

“The sign should also be relocated closer on overhead gantries closer to roundabout and road makings made clearer.

“I am calling on the Minister for Infrastructure Mr Sturges to immediately release his evaluation of the safety audit – as well as releasing the safey audit itself and to ensure that solutions can be urgently implemented at the Mornington roundabout before we see major accidents. The people of Pembroke deserve a definitive timeline as to when action will be taken and what it will consist of.”

Authorised by Jonathan Hawkes
25 Davey Street
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