Have a listen here for the ‘mad’ scientists explaining why we need an extremely rapid reduction in Carbon emissions, that is a cut by 80% by 2020 or so across the globe, combined with a rapid conversion to a mix of low carbon energy systems.


10:33 minutes of spoken word giving a mild serve to Fielding and to the vested interests who continue their Carbon pollution.

Here’s the rainfall prediction for the Mediterranean Region which in Latitude equates to SW WA, SA, and Victoria. These states have also experienced a decline in rainfall as the climate bands shift pole ward


“Scientists have recorded a decline in winter precipitation over the past 60 years in Spain, and they now forecast that precipitation will also decrease in spring and summer. A team from the Pyrenean Institute of Ecology (CSIC) has studied rainfall data from 1950 to 2006 and the climate projections for coming decades, showing that less rain will fall in future over the Iberian Peninsula. However, precipitation will continue to be more frequent in winter than in spring-summer.”

And as if to concur, the English government believes olives will become a crop there in the 2030’s


Here’, one that reports on the recovery of marine ecosystems, in particular coral reefs after warming induced bleaching.


It should be obvious that a healthy living system recovers more quickly than one poisoned by other factors, such as the runoff from canal estates.

Some may remember my comments on the developing world’s need to take seriously the threat of climate instability and to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Taiwan, the other China and the world’s 22nd biggest emitter is about to agree to emission cuts that rank as significant for an economy of its size.

Although they may not be quite significant enough the 2025 target may help by breathing space and if insufficient the 2050 target can be beefed up providing that Dr Glikson, in the lead link to this piece has overestimated the degree of cuts needed to forestall disaster.

For some lighter relief on the one hand companies are looking to expand into high speed rail in the US


And on the other, Vestas, who only a short while ago reported they had $Bn of orders in front of them are now facing a sit in at a factory in a country that has ambitious greenhouse gas emissions targets and had a strong program of wind power installation.


Here is Bill Gates plan to thwart the power of hurricanes, something increased by warmer surface waters, in this case in the Gulf of Mexico.


Steve Fielding should have a chat with Gates to see why he believes it is warming up, just like it is in Fielding’s home state of Victoria.

Interestingly the same idea of pumping water to lower depths and bringing up water from that depths has been proposed by Lovelock as a means of sinking and storing carbon. So perhaps a perennial cooling of the Golfo de Mexico might achieve more.

This mild form of geoengineering replicates but speeds up processes already

in action.

In Tasmania a large wind farm is proposed for the central highlands and its approval is dependent on it not impacting on 2 eagle species listed as threatened. I understand painting the turbine blades with stripes makes them more visible to birds.

Beyond that, if this form of generation is to become more popular then the sea floor as a location needs to be considered. The Danes have moved to wind farms in the North Sea and other offshore projects are moving ahead on either side of the Atlantic to allow for large units and to take advantage of the wind type. Lighthouse construction shows it is possible to build structures in the sea.

There is sea close to all Tasmania’s cities, reducing transmission losses. Conflicts with endangered birds of prey would be reduced. Structures in the sea have been shown to provide a strait upon which sea life gathers.

Its time any obstacles in the way of such developments were addressed. The Liberals should consider this as part of their new wind power policy now they are catching up with the Greens.

Here’s an odd one which indicates that rainfall decline can occur in all sorts of places with the strangest of consequences. As the Aral sea disappears due to overuse of tits inflows and the MDB lower lakes continue to hover in a near death experience no one is game to pin this on increasingly wild climate instability.


The age speaks of hot air and hot water;


Whilst Turnbull finds both makes the ground slippery under his feet;


Prima facie the best case for the Green representation in the national parliament is a double dissolution election although such an event will see the government CPRS passed at a joint sitting of both houses where Labor is, on current polling, most likely to have an absolute majority.

With the economic downturn looking less and less dangerous for the Australian economy, although not for those laid off due to the impacts of poor lending practices elsewhere, a double dissolution becomes more likely.

For those wondering about rainfall here is an interim report on NSW. As winter ends drought remains almost the same.


And for those considering the possibility of a Double Dissolution letter the PM’s lumps and bumps article outlining the very real likelihood of interest rate rises and budget cutbacks leaves little doubt that he would prefer to face the electorate before rather then after such difficulties.


Especially when combined with a downward trend in popularity for Turnbull and the Liberal Party weeks after the OzCar utegate imbroglio.

Still, a week’s a long time in politics.

On the very real front of land clearing the journal Conservation Biology points out that large areas are still under attack by destructive activities and when combined with global heating will see a return to high extinction rates, which some might think are in Australia’s past.


For anyone not familiar with Hobart City Councils initial knockback of a planning permit to install wind towers on City building it is well covered in The Mercury. I will say that City’s with an innovative and proactive approach to sustainability will receive world wide focus and such promotion has benefits that go beyond being part of the complex of solutions that may ensure the Town Hall is not sea front and City Hall an Aquarium.

Next year the bushfire danger in Victoria is expected to be a repeat of this year. Around the Mediterranean fires are burning in hotter conditions and the study linked to below shows an expectation for bushfires to increase where warming and declining rainfall coincide.


And here, if it happens, is the event that makes Fielding a fossil fool of the first order.


Industry experts pan the Green Car Fund bringing into the debate deck chairs and the ‘Titanic’ Green plans when your not one are a feature of the Rudd government with its meanderings on supporting domestic solar and its ramblings on ETS compensation.


Turnbull may be defeated in November but he may also prove to be right about the STS leading to no emissions reductions, something the Greens believed the day the targets were announced.

Making the ‘car’ for 21 million people in a global market requires subsidies [just like anything Tasmania attempts to copy that is ‘global’ Australia’s scale is too small] . Without an innovative new approach such as a zero emissions vehicle, one that is also a power station [fuel cell] or energy store [electric taking surplus generation from wind or solar] the Australian car industry is destined to struggle with the resultant impact on employment. A transition strategy that is real, not a prop for more of the same painted that special shade of Labor Green is the measure necessary.

[Labor Green is a mixture of special interest lobbying balanced with a poorly informed electorate to produce something that is nothing relative to the time constraints our business as usual practices place on all].

Speaking of such matters jellyfish have been described as more powerful than whales in an article announcing the results of the role of life in mixing the ocean layers. All ocean life is threatened with a massive reduction by the acidification of the surface layers.

Important in sinking the cause of the acidification [CO2] and ameliorating surface temperature is mixing of the layers so if that process is slowed temperature will increase more rapidly.


This places Bill Gates idea at the start of the article in perspective. The humungous volumes of green work carried out by natural systems every moment of the day and night keeps the planet functioning as we are used to. We tamper with that at our peril.

phill Parsons notes Rudd’s ‘ green’ jobs initiative at the ALP state conference and the gaffe by Arbib. One hopes such a young person thinks green jobs are just a passing phase until we get to the real ones. Mark, my advice is either all jobs become green jobs or all jobs will be focused on survival.