A lobby group wants the Federal Forestry Minister to confirm how many jobs the Gunns pulp mill will create in northern Tasmania.

Tony Burke said in a recent statement that the pulp mill would create some 8,000 direct and indirect jobs and another 1,500 during operation.

But the lobby group, GetUp, says the source Mr Burke quoted is more than five years old and has since been massively discredited.

GetUp Spokesman, Sam McLean, says Gunns itself is now claiming only 292 direct jobs will be created.

“Tony Burke was embarrassingly caught copying and pasting from a Gunns piece of publicity into his ministerial statements in Parliament a couple of weeks ago,” he said.

“So we’re calling on minister to set the record straight by putting forward the real facts about the Gunns pulp mill.”

A spokesman for Mr Burke says the figure of 292 jobs does not take into account those created in the construction phase of the mill, or indirect employment.

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