Graeme Matthews in his letter to the Editor of the 28th of July 2009 tells me that my advertising has exceeded my ambitions.
There is no doubt I am an aspirational candidate and my campaign workers are keen and I thank Graeme for injecting a dose of humor into what can sometimes be the grind of a campaign.

Graeme misses the point about myself and the ALP. The ALP has chosen not to endorse me as a candidate.

There is no secret I share similar views and friendships with senior members of the ALP and former members who are assisting me in my campaign.

Their support for me exemplifies the fact of my independence.

I have their support because we share common Labor values. They no doubt think that I can make a contribution to Tasmanian political life. I trust I can live up to their expectations.

If elected I will remain independent.

Should I choose to change that position I will offer myself for re-election first.

I urge voters to rise above party politics and look at the worth of their candidates.

Yours faithfully,


Responsibility for election comment is taken by James Crotty, 174 Macquarie St, Hobart 7000