GILLIAN BLAIR, Panmure, Victoria
“The Labor government is currently trying to push a dodgy deal through Parliament regarding emissions trading that will not lower emissions and will reward the big carbon producers. To prove further that the government does not care about greenhouse emissions, it is also supporting the building of the Gunns pulp mill.

Australia’s native forests should stay in the ground as an immense carbon sink.

Logging and burning of our forests are adding to greenhouse gas and Climate Change. Nine tenths of Australia’s forest cover has now gone, and we are leading the world in species extinction, including fish species.

The pollution from the mill will destroy fisheries. The destruction of the forests will be a loss to the tourism industry. The loss of the birds, animals, and flora of the forest will be a loss for our children and grandchildren. All this loss for only 280 jobs that are expected from this mill.

What about the money and jobs from this unpopular mill?: The Gunns pulp mill will run at a loss, according to Dr. Graeme Wells of Wells Economic Analysis.

With the world’s eco-systems and weather systems on the brink of total destruction from climate change, the protection of our carbon-storing forests from logging should outweigh any argument for Gunns’s unpopular pulp mill.”

Yours truly,
Gillian Blair
Panmure, Vic. 3265.