HANNAH AULBY, Climate Action Hobart
Local community climate group Climate Action Hobart is calling on the Hobart City Council to reconsider their decision to reject plans for an urban wind turbine that could help halt climate change.

“The proposed wind turbine development for the ANZ centre, in Hobart’s CBD, presents an exciting opportunity for Tasmania to lead the way in localised renewable energy production” Climate Action Hobart spokesperson Hannah Aulby stated.

“Climate change is the biggest challenge facing society, but it is also an exciting opportunity. It is disappointing that 7 of the Hobart City Council members did not support this project that would show other Australian City Councils how to produce energy locally” Said Ms Aulby.

Australia is very vulnerable to the impacts of climate change. Leading scientists have recognized that we need to urgently address the challenges that climate change presents for our society and Tasmania must shift away from importing coal fired energy from the mainland.

“Tasmania has natural resources and expertise needed to lead the way on renewable energy production. Our elected members need to have the political will and vision to transfer Tasmania into a renewable energy island” said Ms Aulby.

“Tasmania could help us to rise above the current climate emergency by becoming a net exporter of renewable energy. If we act now we can assist the rest of Australia to shift away from our dependence on fossil fuels and embrace a re-energised society” concluded Ms Aulby.

Climate Action Hobart believes that only with the support of all levels of Government can Tasmania rise to its full potential as a leader in renewable energy and energy efficiency.


Climate Action Hobart is a newly formed and rapidly growing group of ordinary Tasmanians who are deeply concerned about climate change. We come from all walks of life and are united under the common goal of increasing community awareness of the climate emergency and creating the action necessary to minimise its effects.