The Minister for Foxes recently informed a Budget Estimates Committee that: “We now know that there are definitely at least eight foxes in the State because we have analysed the scat from some 45 separate items and found that they come from eight different foxes, seven(7) of which were male and one(1) of which was female. So there is a good gender balance there!”

The numbers and the sex ratios have changed AGAIN!
According to the latest scat DNA results, DPIPWE (note the new alphabet-soup Departmental abbreviation) now have 10 fox poos assumed to have been deposited by 10 different foxes AND, according to The Examiner (15 June) DPIPWE now recognises 3 female fox poos and 5 male fox poos and two unknown-gendered fox poos. The assumption is we now have two extra cryptic foxes crapping just once out there somewhere and miraculously some of these forensic faeces have changed their sex! Then again, maybe the Minister was ill-informed…again.

Fox traps are also set and up to 100 remote sensor cameras are available for deployment in Tasmania.

I wonder whether Tasmania hunters will get the $1000 fox reward or perhaps the DPIPWE will catch a Tasmania fox in a trap, on a camera or along a 1080 poison bait line.