WILL HODGMAN, Leader of the State Opposition: Statement on Scott Gadd

There is one thing you can count on with this Government – they’ll find their mates a job.

The Premier needs to explain how much Mr Gadd will be paid in his new role. Will it be a Departmental Secretary’s salary?

Mr Bartlett should also explain what is up for review in six months’ time, and whether that includes Mr Gadd’s generous termination payout provisions.

The fact that there will be a review in six months time further highlights the obscenity of Premier Bartlett signing Mr Gadd up to a new three year contract knowing full well his Department was about to be abolished.

Yet again, what we have here is a Premier prepared to make things up as he goes along. It’s just another example of the Premier having to find a short-term political quick fix to solve a problem he created when he should be more concerned with the long-term interests of all Tasmanians, not just his mates.

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