Yes, working man, whomever you are. Lets hear what I wrote about Auspine that wasn’t accurate, verifiable and ultimately absolutely correct. I recall a nasty trip to a protest in Scottsdale where I was heckled, pushed, threatened and spat on by good, honest, Auspine employees fighting for their jobs. As I recall, I wrote that the workers were unwitting pawns in a powerplay hatched by a couple of Auspine managers.

Worse things have happened to me. I’ve been spat on by Greenies (yes, I was a copper during the Franklin divide). In 2007, as I alluded in my article, I was subject to string of abusive, threating phone calls (from the Scottsdale region) suggesting my days were numbered. I’ve had various senior public servants telling me I’ll never work again in Tasmania. I’m still here.

And as for what I wrote about Auspine, it turned out I was right. Check the facts.

Walking past Rayonier in George Street, Launceston a few months later, a couple of your peers came up to me and shook my hand in apology.

At least they realised they had been conned.

And as for `devious phone calls to workers at the mills’, I have records. I only rang managers, and union representatives, and always quoted them fully and accurately. Transcripts are available on request, on the provision you agree to provide your name on this forum.

Until then, keep your abuse to yourself, and try to adopt a broader approach to the critical issues facing Tasmania, not just the worries of Scottsdale timber workers.



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