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The ALP mysogyny


Why would Senator Brown want to co-operate with commenting, as soon as she does the ALP with their typical mysogyny will demand her resignation, while leaving Kons and Green ‘in situ’. It is obvious to anyone outside the ALP that the treatment of their female members is vastly different to their treatment of male members of parliament. Note Kons an admitted liar, stays, Ritchie goes with parts of her family ASAP, Brian ‘not innocent’ Green, stays, and Wriedt gets exposed and eliminated. Is this how we want Tasmania to work, with a ruling political party that behaves like a bikie gang. Codes of silence, forced co-operation, intimidation of members to stand together, sending recalitrants to Coventry and persecution of the members at their weakest moments. Favors for party helpers, nepotism, cronyism. Factional fights, selection of thugs mental and physical to keep the members in line and its all ok until someone finds out. What type of person actually finds membership of this organization attractive. The ALP has truly failed here and the results are a state with the worst education system in Australia, the worst health system and gaming out of control, big business receiving benefits, the poor sidelined, infrastructure a total failure in terms of applications and forsight, corruption in many forms, ignorant and untrained Ministers of State, Ministers and ministries fighting the public. Senator Brown, should be running scared, as far away from her ‘brothers and sisters’ as is possible. Read more, Comment here

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