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Gunns has taken its search for a joint partner for the native forest-destroying pulp mill international …
Australia’s largest woodchipping company has said it intends to make an announcement on who will be the joint venture partner for the pulp mill this month.

We now know that Swedish pulp and paper company Sodra is considering becoming a partner with Gunns Ltd to build its controversial mill.

Together we helped ensure Gunns’ own banker, ANZ, wouldn’t fund the pulp mill.

Now we need to take urgent action to make sure Sodra doesn’t sign off on the destruction of Tasmania’s world-class, carbon-rich native forests.

Send a message now to tell Sodra’s CEO – Mr Leif Brodon – that Tasmania’s world-class, carbon-rich forests are a global treasure.

Any organisation considering being involved in Gunns’ pulp mill needs to be aware that they will be supporting a project which is opposed by the majority of Australians, as well as people around the world who want a safe climate and a healthy environment.

We urgently need to get as many messages to Mr Brodon as possible to ensure he understands this is the most strongly opposed project in Australia.

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