Some questions for Health Minister Lara Giddings:

Who was on the selection committee when Ms Alice Burchill was appointed?

Is it true that another person recommended for this job by the recruitment firm, was not interviewed by the selection committee?

Is it true that Ms Burchill began work before she had a visa?

Why has a permanent chief executive officer of the Royal Hobart Hospital not been appointed more than nine months after the job was advertised?

Why did the Department predict that in three months time the Royal Hobart Hospital would have 90 patients on mechanical ventilation because of swine flu, given there is the capacity to ventilate 30 patients only in southernTasmania?

Did Minister Lara Giddings apply for $65 million from the Federal Government’s Health and Hospitals Fund (HHF) to repair the old RHH? Was this request rejected because the State Government and health bureaucrats had at the same time indicated they were seeking funding to build a new hospital? Is the end result of what appears to be Labor caucus indecisiveness and bureaucratic ineptitude, that the Royal Hobart Hospital has been denied vital funding of $65 million?

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