A PATIENT at the centre of one of the allegations against Tasmanian GP Paul McGinity believes the doctor has done nothing wrong — and has instead laid a complaint against one of the accusers.

An incident involving heart patient Noel Whelan on March 16 this year is the focus of one of 23 complaints against Dr McGinity, a long-standing GP servicing the northeast timber town of Scottsdale and surrounding communities.

It is also one of four cases referred to the Medical Council of Tasmania by four GPs at Scottsdale’s other GP practice on March 23 this year, leading to Mr McGinity’s suspension.

However, Mr Whelan has written to the council, not only to defend his GP of 30 years but to make a complaint about another doctor who saw him that day, Gretchen Stone.

Dr Stone is one of the four GPs who complained to the council about Dr McGinity, including about Mr Whelan’s case, although they did not name Mr Whelan. “I think it’s outrageous what they’ve done to him (Dr McGinity); I believe he handled my case in the right way and I stand by what he did 100 per cent,” Mr Whelan told The Australian yesterday. “I have made a complaint against Dr Stone.”

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