Michelle O’Byrne, Minister for Environment, Parks, Heritage and the Arts welcomed the establishment of a new land conservation organisation with a focus on the north-east Tasmania.

She was launching the North East Tasmania Land Trust on June 2nd at the Launceston Environment Centre.

The Minister praised the North East Tasmania Land Trust Inc as another community-based body established by concerned people with a passion for conservation.

“The conservation of our natural environment can only be successful when it has the support of the community. This Trust, along with others like the Tasmanian Land Conservancy, is leading the way in the development of Tasmania’s private conservation estate,” she said.

The Trust plans to raise funds to acquire land in the north east of Tasmania which has ecological value and is threatened by economic development. The land will be protected with conservation covenants and where necessary it will be rehabilitated back to its natural state.

Ms O’Byrne said that “privately owned lands with well-preserved natural values can often provide corridors to existing protected areas, boosting the viability of a number of species. I wish the North East Tasmania Land Trust well in its efforts to acquire land with ecological values to help preserve Tasmania’s incredibly rich flora, fauna and habitats.”

The North East Tasmania Land Trust has the web site: