Whistleblowers Tasmania today released their response to Tasmanian Department of Justice Review of the Directions Paper, Strengthening trust in Government … the spotlight on improper conduct. The report has failed to make some fundamental recommendations to significantly improve the effectiveness of the Tasmanian Public Interest Disclosure Act 2002.

In compiling this response Whistleblowers Tasmania have endeavoured to simplify the structure of the Agency within which investigations into Protected Public Interest Disclosures will be undertaken. It is proposed that this Agency be established under a new Act as the Tasmanian Anti-Corruption Commission. In addition, the Office of the Anti-Discrimination Commissioner is proposed as the Agency which will fulfil the role of protection of the Whistleblower.

Whistleblowers Tasmania’s response has exposed a major omission in the recommendations by the Department of Justice:

“The Achillies heel of the Directions Papers’ recommendations in reviewing the Public Interest Disclosure Act 2002 relates to the existing requirement for the Ombudsman to give written notice to the respondent that an investigation will be conducted into a Public Interest Disclosure matter. This requirement is comparable with suggesting a Tasmania Police Officer should give notice in writing to a suspect of her/his intention to serve a warrant for search and seizure.”

Download Whistleblowers Tasmania’s Response to the Department of Justice Directions Paper: PIDReview.doc