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Ignoring 3000 Tasmanians

KIM BOOTH www.tas.greens.org.au

THE Tasmanian Greens today called on Premier David Bartlett to intervene in the situation surrounding suspended North East doctor, Dr Paul McGinity, following the revelation that on the 20th of May Dr McGinity and his wife both pleaded with the head of the Health Department to ensure that Dr McGinity’s 3000 patients could continue to receive medical care during his suspension, to no avail.


Greens Member for Bass, Kim Booth MP, said Health Minister Lara Giddings has repeatedly distanced herself and her Department from this issue, but this latest revelation raises serious questions about a major failure by the Health Department and Minister to ensure ongoing medical care for 3000 Tasmanians, despite clear warnings from Dr and Mrs McGinity.

Mr Booth also called on the Medical Council to take some responsibility for the 3000 patients whose health has been endangered by the Council’s sudden decision to suspend Dr McGinity, and do whatever it takes to ensure that these people can again access doctor’s services on a 24-hour-a-day basis, as had been the case before the suspension.

“Mr Bartlett must accept that Health Minister Lara Giddings and her Department have failed the people of North-East Tasmania, and take action to address the huge gap that now exists in the provision of medical services across the North-East. Locums are not enough – the North-East needs a real doctor providing a full medical service,” said Mr Booth.

“The Medical Council doesn’t appear to care about the ramifications of this action, the Health Department has turned its back on heartfelt pleas for assistance, and the Minister wants nothing to do with the issue. So who will look out for the health and safety of Dr McGinity’s 3000 patients?”

“It is extremely alarming to hear that impassioned pleas to the Health Department on behalf of 3000 North-East Tasmanians have been ignored.”

“The Medical Council needs to take some responsibility for this situation, and Premier David Bartlett must accept that his Health Minister and her Department have failed the people of North-East Tasmania, and take action to address the huge gap that now exists in the provision of medical services across the North-East region,” said Mr Booth.


Attached: Amended excerpt of Dr and Mrs McGinity on 20th of May this year pleading with the head of the Health Department David Roberts (via telephone) to take responsibility for the care of Dr McGinity’s 3000 patients:


Dr McGinity: You’re ringing me but I am going to tell you how things are critical in the north east. We’re running out of locums. GP Workforce cannot keep up the supply. We have closed the Derby surgery. Bridport surgery is running half time There is no after hours service of any value in the northeast. GP Assist turns them off.


Mrs McGinity (practice manager): The patients are not being looked after well. Someone has to be told. I can’t tell the Medical Council. Who do I tell? The patients are suffering. They are not being looked after well. They are not keeping up their tablets, they are not coming to the surgery. It is not good what is happening.


Mrs McGinity: You’ve got to understand, who do I tell? Do I tell Lara Giddings, who do tell?


Mrs McGinity: You’ve got to understand the effects of this have been so great on his patients I am waiting for an accident to happen. Who do I tell?


Mrs McGinity: No GP Workforce get locums, you’re talking about locums. This is a bigger issue than just locums. Who do I tell?


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  1. Working man

    June 8, 2009 at 3:32 pm

    7# My hat is off to Tanya Rattray-Wagner her motives are not of a political nature. She has always stuck up for the residents of Apsley. So to has Sue Napier and Peter Gutwien in Bass and I do agree that Michelle O’Byrne has been less than great. My point is that the people of the North East are happy for members of both side of politics to be working on this issue but not Kim Booth.
    The North East still has a hospital and other doctors that continue to look after the workers in the North East. Even Dr McGinity by his own admission will only work for a few more years. I do feel sorry for his patients that have been left in the lurch and that this matter must be sorted out sooner rather than later. But I don’t think Kim Booth is the answer.
    I know that people groaned when he has spoken at the rallies.

  2. don davey

    June 8, 2009 at 8:55 am


    Onya Collette ! well said !


  3. colette

    June 7, 2009 at 9:35 pm

    Working man is no real working man otherwise he’d be sticking up for and supporting his fellow workers. His comrades who have for the last 30 years had access to a dedicated, caring and highly competent medical practitioner who goes to the remote and hard to get places to provide immediate care for his fellow man.

    Why does working man think it’s okay for his fellow workers not to have this type of medical service? Doesn’t he want the workers to have good health care they can access? So working man seems to be turning his back on the wind farm workers, the mill workers, the bush workers and the farmers. The thousands of people who find themselves doing this hard yakka, often in unsafe work environments in the remotest and most hostile of environments.

    Working man does not stick up for the workers but Kim Booth does. Sue Napier does and so does Peter Gutwein and Tanya Rattray Wagner. They stick up for their constituents.

    Michelle O’Byrne when asked why she wasnt returning phone calls and emails said she didnt need the votes in Scottsdale, she had 60,000 votes in Launceston. Jim Cox has junket flu and is in isolation. Members of the ‘workers party’.

    The difference now is a local community can see through everything, they are alot more in touch than the politicians and are straight talking people.

    They can see who is genuine and who isn’t, who helps and who doesn’t. And in this instance they have seen the heartfelt concern from Sue Napier and Kim Booth. They hear nothing from the Labor local members. They know when they are being ignored.

    You know what they say working man, they say… I’ve never really liked the Greens, but Kim Booth is genuine. He’s been there all the way, doing things off this own back and asking questions in Parliament. Let’s see how much slur you can put on Boothy on this one, whilst you make up untruths and ignore your heartland. I watch with interest.

  4. Working man

    June 7, 2009 at 4:56 pm

    3# Dear valleytwatcher. Nice work on being a snob. Never really thought of myself as a redneck, considering I am not from the USA. A bogan yes well i did do one of those funny email jokes and I did come back 80% bogan so you got me there. But guess what earning a living and loving where you live does not make you a bogan. Having a opinion on what goes on in your region does not make you a bogan. Being interested in politics does not make you a bogan. Hold on I have forgotten some thing you think it does. Congratulations you are a bogan too, because you do all these things too. I never said that you where wrong in any of your commnets even though i didn’t agree with them. I am just posting my own.

  5. Badger Bigwood

    June 6, 2009 at 7:20 pm

    I agree with Working man they auto put boom gates on the Slideling and the Welbra pass and man them with working men and keep the greenys out, the police will help they always do.
    I seen Kim Booth one day in a blue flanny shirt like he thinks he’s one of us but you no what. He still had the sleeves on it and he looked like a goose. Typicle greeny always looking for a tail to jump on.
    I was talking to locals in the pub not long ago and they said what you said, nothing in the North East for Booth not even a twisty pastie he is not wanted there. and they woukld know cause they are the North East and sinsible and said greens made them sick. Soon as i can i’m going to the tavern and talk to the people of Bass and see if their sick to mark your words.


  6. salamander

    June 5, 2009 at 7:20 pm

    But still the blind faith of 1, who says whatever the government does must be right, as long as it isn’t Green. Hard to dispute blind faith, as it is not based on anything.

  7. Valleywatcher

    June 5, 2009 at 3:01 pm

    Perhaps, ‘Working Man’, your last sentence above should read: “Mark my words, the dwindling bogan redneck population of Bass is sick of all the Greens”. That might be closer to the truth.

  8. phill Parsons

    June 5, 2009 at 9:28 am

    1, 2, 10 3,000, the TAP supprters, the Public Service, those surveyed opposed to old growth logging as a total of the population.

    The numbers seem irrelevant to government.

    These are the numbers that kill a government before its mandate is reviewed.

    Power prices up 7% and 15% for small business, water and sewerage charges up, stamp duty up, charges up, rebates down. Hitting working families and small business in the neck whilst leaving the bulk power consumer or the forest destruction company in reciept of special deals.

    The outcome is in the balance.

  9. Working man

    June 5, 2009 at 5:18 am

    Kim Booth should stay out of issues in the North East he is not wanted here. He wasn’t wanted when Auspine lost the logs no one turned up to his crisis meeting he tried to hold back then. We had more sense. And for him to jump on the tail of this is oppertunistic i doubt if he will be round next election. 3 seats will be held by Libs and 2 by Lab. Even if Peter Wish-Wilson ran he wouldn’t get in city vote or not. Mark my words Bass is sick of all the Greens.

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