I was actually one of the sprayees of this episode, which occurred on our property on the Mersey.

Pete Godfrey’s photos of the helicopter with near-horizontal spray mist over the Mersey were actually published on TT shortly afterwards. Pete’s camera has a zoom and calendar, which leaves DPIW’s claim of no evidence about as credible as the Minister in question. The Gunns plantation being sprayed was about 1 km away at its closest point, but there was a 57 kph wind blowing toward the river, with us on the other side.

The effects hit all three of us who had gone outside from the meeting to observe the helicopter, on the following day, with me losing consciousness on the road home from Deloraine. Two of us sought medical attention but the local doctor did not know how to test for alpha-cypermethrin, the neurotoxic pesticide Gunns had notified some residents would be used sometime within a 2 month period announced over a month prior.

All three of us had experienced alpha-c the previous year at Western Creek, where it produced flu-like lethargy within minutes, but not the neurological impacts of this episode.

Fans of Inspector Clousseau might enjoy dealing with DPIW’s one -man Spray Information and Referral Unit, who suggested at one point that the helicopter may have been a third party unknown to himself or Gunns. He appeared to know virtually nothing about either chemical sprays or logic, but has converted this nous into some priceless anecdotes.

Otherwise, the public is advised to be very afraid.

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