This was last weekend (June20-21) … great at the falls, but the trip home …

“The crack of exploding trees broke the silence in a magnificent valley between Mathinna and Ringarooma in North West Tasmania on Sunday 21st of June.

Smoke from the fire drifted slowly south and the air became opaque and unbreathable in this now naked valley.

Photos from a pocket camera fail to do justice to the enormity of the clearfell catastrophe that has raped this beautiful valley just a few kilometres from Mathinna falls.

“Mathinna” inherits its name from an aboriginal girl who was turned to the ways of the white man, curiously much in the same way as this area has been turned from its native state to one of white domination.

After a short life dancing to the tune of the conquerors, Mathinna died tragically trying to escape from the torment of her life and now we see Tasmania’s forests and its native animals running a path parallel.

The fire in this steep valley was relatively small by forestry standards, but covered about a quarter of an acre and was left burning unchecked next to native forest to the north of the valley.

At the very least it was a completely irresponsible action.

A cynic might say that this was part of the plan, a way to ensure further land was removed to make way for odious plantations that consume this entire area.

The bottom photo in the montage shows how steep the slope is below the fire and if you can envisage some heavy rain, then it is easy to imagine how the precious topsoil finds its way to our streams and rivers.

Until we find the impetus to break from this outrageously retarded and foolishly promoted forest mining regime, smoke will fill our lungs, soil will fill our waterways and chemicals will fill our foods.

Fauna will be at a loss for habitat and flora…..well flora will just burn as it does at the hand of mindless money men”.

With sadness,

Dave Groves.

Dave Groves Photography

South Launceston Tasmania

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