Dr David Obendorf
The State Government believes it ‘owns’ the knowledge as well as the scientists working on Tasmanian devils; it treats everyone else as uninformed and irrelevant. It certainly doesn’t have a reecord of ‘sharing the knowledge’ and several government scientists have already been rebuked for speaking publicly about the origins of this cancer and the threats to the devil’s survival as a species. The construction of the proposed $23 million road through the Tarkine Wilderness opening up these forest habitats to a range of activities WILL, based on the Government own work, act as an artificial conduit assisting the migration of cancer-infected eastern devils into the remaining DFT disease-free population of wild Tasmanian devils.
John Biggs
Dr. Harmsen’s arguments are just so self-evident—a double whammy indeed. Does Bartlett really want to go down in history as the premier who moved the devils from endangered to extinct? And if Garrett doesn’t intervene, then he will go down as the Environment Minister who aided and abetted their extinction.
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