phill Parsons
It’s certainly alright to beg for Federal funding to eradicate the fox, a threat to devils, and DFTD, another human engendered threat to devils but nothing must stand in the way of a Gunns highway. Be it devils or unsafe road junctions, planing laws or local residents the wood must be rushed overseas to become landfill, the more carbon released the better. Devils must be sacrificed, there is the view of Llewllyn’s Labor side of the Liberal Labor accord. For Gunns all differences are set aside as they sing as one their dirge of destruction dressing it up as progress and development. Will Garrett join this accord and sacrifice the endangered devil on the altar of party donations from the forest industries and their unions?
Dr David Obendorf
Scientists – wildlife vets, ecologists, threatenened species experts – are still contacting me to sign on to the Open letter from Concerned Scientists. The number of signators is now over 30 and I expect it to increase in coming days. In my experience this is an ASTONISHING response from a conservative & usually very hestitant fraternity of science professionals.
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