Dr Warwick Raverty
As I said publicly shortly after Thuggo Lennon’s incompetence/ malfeasance forced Julian Green’s and my resignation from the RPDC and its Assessment Panel, in my opinion the RPDC is the finest planning authority in Australia and a model that other states could do well to replicate. Of course, being independent of political influence – at least in principle – and being inquisitorial by design, it does not sit well with the current Tasmanian political culture of spin doctoring and down right lies. In my assessment the RPDC Act was drafted by men of principle (including Julian Green) in an attempt to destroy those same spin doctors and liars. That these same people would now want to neuter the RPDC comes as no surprise to me at all. Every Tasmanian who is not in the pay of these ‘robber barons’ should oppose these changes as strongly as possible. Even Thuggo Lennon is on record as saying the RPDC allows good projects to ‘get up’ and bad projects to fail. Nothing has changed except the perception of what constitutes a ‘good project’ by the man who now occupies Thuggo’s former seat. He is about as transparent and caring as my arse.
Ben Quin
It is difficult to articulate the depth of my concern ahead of Premier Bartlett’s State of the State address. State Parliament was prostituted through the pulp mill assessment act. Having been so, those who controlled our “representative” chambers through that disgraceful period must either justify their actions, or admit to prostitution. Bartlett is now exposed as a bald revisionist. What can Hodgman do apart from being wedged? Recruit Mr. Fergusson as an eager, future Minister for Revisionism? If we are facing economic catastrophe today, and if Bartlett’s justification for his Conjurer’s pipelines (that the Midlands is a desert) is true, then it is beyond argument that our existing system of representation, led by our elected prostitutes, has comprehensively failed us. We are not blameless. We have delivered ourselves to this point by our collective failure to participate intelligently in public life. So what is the solution? Whack on another dose of the low-brow toady treatment according to Bartlett. Amend the planning laws and distract the masses with “food-basket of Australia” bullshit. More money for thin jam will surely solve the problem – just ask Bryan. Where will this stop?
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