Chris Harries
And in Tasmania? No deliberate population policy is likely to have any effect. The Chamber of Commerce and Industry and Liberal party every now and then whimsically advocate a doubling of our population to help feed the consumer economy. I think that they will get their way in the long term, but through the back door. As climate change makes other places more and more unbearable nothing will stop Tasmania becoming a more desirable place to live. We have to brace ourselves for a marked increase in human numbers, with all of the consequent burden on land and resources and urban sprawl and so forth. It is hard to envisage how could any such demographic mobility could be resisted. We do need policies in place that address this potential influx. How big should Hobart and Launceston be allowed to get? How will water policy be affected? How will transport be affected? Where is the master plan for the next 25 years? Read more, Comment here