Peter Dunn
Being a frequent watcher of the public record, I question Mr Dean’s involvement in the coming Public Accounts Committee inquiry into the fox eradication taskforce.

Mr Dean was the police commander in charge of the brief 2001 investigation into any conspiracy to import foxes which found no evidence of such.

Well, it’s now plain we have foxes and one possibility is that Dean’s team got it wrong and given the coming election it would be important for Mr Dean to distract from that since it would reflect badly on his leadership.

One obvious way to distract would be to accuse others of mistakes and misconduct – exactly what Mr Dean does.

Mr Rist seems absolutely sure he will be appearing before the Committee – something as far as I can find out, he could have no proper assurances of.

From the similarity of their contributions to the press it is clear he is a frequent correspondent of Mr Dean and I hope Mr Rist has not been given inappropriate assurances.

Mr Dean is also repeatedly on record accusing the taskforce of fabrication of evidence, without ever producing evidence of such despite repeatedly being challenged to do, so even by the relevant minister.

Again he needs to distract.

Mr Dean obviously has no independence in regard to foxes in Tasmania and should have no part on the committee – its clearly in his vested interest to find fault.