Frank Nicklason
ULA Majewski (The Examiner 29/1) has written an evidence based and thought provoking contribution to the Tasmanian forestry debate. It is a must read for anyone wishing to further their understanding of how our publicly owned State Forests are faring under the stewardship of Forestry Tasmania. The facts seem beyond dispute, financial and operational details are extensively sourced from Forestry Tasmania (FT) itself.

As bad as the economic and job figures are they tell only part of the story. The damage to water catchments, the carbon emissions and the many other social ills involved in such profound land use changes are not discussed.

That Australian National University forest economist Judith Arjani would describe FT as “a profitless wood supply service” (mostly to Gunns Limited) tells a big story. What is a bigger story is that successive State and Federal governments have allowed, in fact encouraged, this to happen through taxpayer subsidies and by looking away.