Jon Ayling
Leaving asides the “rah,rah, lets pull together Tassie” noises Ms Ogilvie makes, one cannot help feeling a little drained by comments like “we want to keep our families here” or “we want real jobs” or the less than memorable conclusion of “…when things get tough, it is up to us to build our future”. As for Nick McKim’s idea of PS hour reduction she completely jumps the gun and assumes that counter staff would necessarily be affected, which serves as the basis of her claim. This need not be the case at all. Any idea of thinking laterally on Nick’s suggestion has nothing to do with the aim of the letter, which was of course, merely making all the right noises for Labor and to hell with the facts. If ever there was an award for ‘trying to hard’ this letter fully deserves to receive one. Read the article, and Comments here