Neil Smith
Thanks again Peter for yet another devastating analysis. It deserves a sequence of very serious responses – as to how it might actually eventuate that we get a “new coalition” who would wield power whilst appreciating the necessary connections between the social, the environmental and the economic. It deserves something better than a pat put-down, but my first feeling (unfortunately) is that this looks to be pie-in-the-sky.

Unfortunately Tasmania is like that. We have the illusion of a Westminster parliamentary system (and the accident of Hare-Clark, which is even odder), but really it’s external capital which rules. Once it was opportunist nouveau-riche upstart Englishmen who were gifted lavish pastoral estates (some of whom apparently sold them then lined up for another). Then it was zinc and aluminium smelting concerns who secured energy deals to die for. Now mining the public estate for pulpwood is the biggest game in town, with miscellaneous free lucrative poker machine concessions and the like hovering round the edges. As in Nauru, the “people’s representatives” exist to facilitate corporate plunder. Read more, comment here