John Hawkins Chudleigh

Here is a challenge for you Dr Amos, try this for size and lets see if the doctor is on spin. The Government Statistician supplied the following facts in 1985 and Gunns supplied an extra map in 2007. When the going got tough the Government Forestry statistics were no longer published, they were incriminating to Forestry Tasmania and I suggest the spin line you are pushing.

The key is productive areas, NOT reserved land. There were, in 1985, 2,214,000 hectares of commercial quality timber that covered 32% of the state over which pulp wood concessions of 1,937,000 hectares were given, leaving 277,000 hectares of commercial quality cover exempt from logging for pulpwood. This area of 277,000 hectares is now the battleground. The rest in white was either unloggable, inaccessible, above the tree line, or the trees are unsuitable for the pulp industry and as can be seen this comprises approximately half of Tasmania.

The map below …

Download: TasTimes_January_23_2009.pdf