Mike Bolan
This newsletter reveals 3 critical evidence based patterns of government dysfunction and offers a brief discussion of how public services have been subverted to leave all reference to the public, taxpayers or Australia, out of their priorities. A brief article about the power of the Internet, particularly as it relates to publishing information, 3 cheeky stories from the Spinmeisters of the world, an important article that explains why the federal governments climate targets actually represent an increase in emissions, and a clear article about the need for climate action from Professor Ian Lowe…all topped off with recent key stories in the news, usefully organised and linked.
Download: ABA_21.pdf

Here’s Issue 22 of The Big Picture in which we explore the two major worldviews about our future, some shocking news about the climate from a NASA scientist, a few fascinating bits and pieces from the news, Crikey’s farewell to Dubya, an expose on the costs of the financial bailouts and last weeks major news stories organised and linked as you like it.
Download: ABA_22.pdf