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The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. No price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche

The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. No price is too high for the privilege of owning yourself. ~ Friedrich Nietzsche


I am still waiting

Peter Randall

I would like to respond, if I may, to the comments posted by Jason Lovell (Wednesday, December 1, 2004) and more recently by Abe Lincoln (October 18, 2008) regarding Shane Farmer.
As you would probably know I am the father of Craig Randall, who was convicted of a rape at The Playroom in Launceston in November 1995. Randall was tried – amid much publicity – in a joint sitting with Shane Farmer and Steve Ashton in November–December 2003. This matter was referred to as “The Playroom Rape.”

[In November 1995 seven officers investigated “an alleged sexual assault” (their words). The DPP found, at the conclusion of their investigation, that there was no substance in the complaint and that no charges would be laid. Yet, six years later there is a raft of charges – all, obviously, aimed at convicting Farmer.]

A charge of rape against Ashton was withdrawn at the start of the first trial. Ashton was found not guilty on all counts; Randall was convicted of a charge of rape and Farmer was convicted of aiding and abetting “because he was heard to laugh” while the “victim” was being raped.

Farmer was cleared of rape, drugging and procuring.

In both cases the investigations were done by 2226 Constable Elaina Louise (Deayton) Conyers. As a result of those “investigations” Farmer was subsequently charged with a total of 45 offences (on the public record, check out The Mercury archives).

Now ask yourself this: Out of the 45 charges that were laid, how many were sustained? Answer: Eleven – less than 25 per cent!

When the dust had settled Conyers was highly acclaimed for her work in bringing Tasmania’s “worst serial rapist” to task and was highly commended in Australia’s Most Outstanding Female Investigator Award (Mercury, Tuesday, August 23, 2005).

And all this was done without her having to appear in Court and face those she had investigated and charged!

At the end of the day all this was achieved with a less than 25 per cent success rate.


Justice Underwood noted: It is a curious circumstance that not one but two files were mislaid (The Mercury, October 1, 2004).

The Mercury on October 2, 2004 referred to a statement by Assistant Commissioner Darren Hine regarding the two missing files. AC Hine said: It is not intended that Tasmania Police will conduct further inquiries into the matter.

Contrast that with the running sheets of Constable Conyers:

I have destroyed all the original documentation for confidentiality purposes.

Perhaps Messrs Lovell and Lincoln can contact Tasmania Police and get them to publish the running sheets as made by Constable Conyers.

A point to consider: To get the running sheets (approximately 135 pages), if ever they are released, there is a “search fee” of $25 and a further cost of 50 cents per page!

Richard McCreadie (to Peter Randall), January 9, 2008:

I acknowledge receipt of your letter of December 30, 2007 seeking the release to you of certain running sheets.

Your letter has been forwarded to the appropriate area of my department for consideration and you will be contacted as soon as possible in relation to your request.

Ten months down the track and I am still waiting, which begs the question: What are they (Tasmania Police) hiding and, more importantly, why?

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  1. Luckier Woman

    January 9, 2019 at 2:45 pm

    ‘Lucky Woman’, I am extremely interested in your responses, especially the reference to me personally, it seems.

    I was one of the victims of Shane Farmer and I have more knowledge about the incidents at that nightclub than anyone I know .. although you seem to think you have all the answers.

    I find your public comments offensive and I suggest that they should have been reserved for Peter directly, in person, not via a semi cryptic public email suggesting ‘elusive perpetrators’.

    I also know who was there and when, and I know the impact on the victims, those who came forward and those who didn’t, and there are a lot more.

    You are welcome to contact me directly.

    • 90s Tasmanian

      June 19, 2019 at 4:15 pm

      Hi there, can you email me? Thanks.

  2. Lucky Woman

    June 22, 2016 at 2:28 pm

    Apologies Peter, I realise what I said was quite harsh.

    To be clearer I’ll say the ultimate points in why I came forward.

    I didn’t know Craig well. My instincts have always been spot on, they’ve saved my butt a few times in my work and other times they’ve broken me as I didn’t want them to be right when they were.

    Only time in my life I was off base was with Shane.

    Sure, it wasn’t hard for any woman to pick up how he was. We were just idiots that enjoyed the VIP treatment & attention, met many people through him and I’ll admit we were often seen with one of us each knee.

    I admit fully we played up to it, we knew he was sleazy, he loved to grope while showing us off in a way to his mates.
    We screwed up. I’m 100% responsible for my own actions, no matter how young and drunk I was.

    We knew about many women that had gone upstairs (yes, knew that area well – no, nothing happened) and so to us it was a silly game, we had no intention of anything else – it would have looked otherwise though.

    We didn’t know that many women were not exactly willing. And it was easily done, he made our drinks too – it had been more the chase with us as to why our drinks were never touched.

    I know some of the intimate details. One sticks because of a particular spirit being drunk by him and several others – it would be insulting to the victim to go further.

    I apologise as I know it’s hard to hear but yes, Craig was there a certain times I DO know about.
    And if any victim reading this feels they need to talk to someone who wish she knew and went on to ensure club safety, I’m here. I am so sorry I never realised, God I wish I had.

    But Peter I do also see 100% why you wanted answers. As SO much is missing there and so much is not quite as it was laid out.

    I was shocked about Craig. My instincts with him were very different to what I picked up with others.
    I simply don’t know what happened there, he was the only one I felt ok around – seemed pretty grounded, wasn’t sleazy like others at all.

    And yes, I would like to hear your perspective as how you feel he ended up being involved.
    He was, but there’s never been something quite right there.

    Fwiw by pure coincidence it seems Craig was the football coach at the time for the man I met in 2003 – my now husband.
    Yes, he remembers him well. In a way that I hope will help you heal as a parent, it was amazing to find we both knew him at that exact time.

    I hope you do contact me, my husband can help in ways I think you’ll find are extremely revealing.

    Shane was the main one. That’s not just instinct Peter, that’s what people filled me in by some years later when they recognised me.

    I take a HUGE risk here in saying this but I’ve carried it there for years and it’s not fair on any victim or even you Peter if I don’t say it.

    Instincts I had were shared by the person with me, but also by some others. That is in regards to two men – it’s why I want to see the transcripts.

    It’s those names I waited for to pop up….they didn’t.

    That wariness kicked in there, I can picture it still and how I felt, we often kept away from Shane when one in particular was always there.

    He propositioned us, got VERY physical and “No” didn’t mean a damn thing.
    If Shane was with us (and heck, I can even describe who sat where and when) then we subtly moved to other side of him – he was between us and that man.

    VERY close friends. I barely saw Craig, I saw the other two a LOT more, that main one was there most of the time.
    As was someone that I would like to know if she ever came forward?

    Why? She was in the totally opposite position during the trial than she was in 1995 – I knew her well. And I simply have never seen how it was possible to be in that position with that history there, that was a HUGE shock to see that.

    I want to know if she ever disclosed that conflict of interest as I’ll simply say I don’t see how it’s possible to work alongside those dealing with the illegal actions of a man you not only knew very, very well, but were in his employment for certain reasons?

    You needed answers when you wrote this. And you would have needed more answers after your loss.

    It’s only right I help with some of those, no matter the situation my heart breaks for you as a parent. So I have to do what is right.

  3. Lucky Woman

    June 21, 2016 at 2:56 pm

    Hi Peter

    Firstly, I’m sorry for your loss. I’m a parent too, you deserve to grieve.

    Secondly, I had better say the truth. I’ve come back & forth to this for a long time. Tasmanian Times, I give permission for Peter Randall to be given my email if you would like to contact me Peter.

    I do NOT consent to my email being given to anyone else, even though it’s an anonymous one used for help…ironically not quite what I’m doing here but the opposite.

    I am one of two women not known about that were NOT victims by pure luck really.

    I say not known as in hindsight I’m not sure why police didn’t track us down. They knew our existence, I had no idea by how much until past 2000.

    I won’t say much here but Peter, it can confirmed two of us (and I must specify I will now refer to just me, this is my choice to do this) were very much known.

    I can’t say much beyond the fact that staff that were in 1995 (no, they didn’t know) I worked with later on. They remembered me well.

    They can confirm we, or rather I, were there the whole time.

    A lot of people remembered me, I had no idea. And I was filled in well.

    It seems Shane had a fascination for us. So much so that it was known, and he pursued us for a long time – in 1995. And I was later told we would have been victims at the end if it wasn’t for 2 factors – a friend who was now around and the fact he had no idea we were about to vanish.

    That friend there? He remembers this well. It was him that picked up the changes there. Seemed Shane was sick of the game of chasing us, that friend had an odd instinct and stuck to us like glue.

    We were teens – stupid ones. We knew he was fascinated by us, many men were – I won’t explain why here, it’s too identifying.

    We never had any intention of giving in, he didn’t know that.
    That’s because we knew about the girls, we had no idea they didn’t go upstairs 100% willingly.

    That club? I know it like the back of my hand, I will explain why in an email only.

    We were there the whole time. And yes, living in a different state & married when it hit the national media sent me into shock.

    And I know what I saw, who was there, who was who and the odd things that were missing.

    I have not seen the transcripts. If you feel ok sharing them with me I’d very much like to see them.
    I can only go on what I know from being there, and what oddly never seemed to be mentioned.

    I know what men were there and how often.

    Was Craig involved? I’m sorry but yes, he was. It’d be an insult to those who were victims to say otherwise.

    Was he the second main perpetrator? I risk so much saying this but I have to tell the truth. I’m 99.9% sure he wasn’t.

    He was identified, there is no doubt he was involved.

    And I had better tell you a bit of who I am before I say all this.

    I’m known quietly among parents for getting info out there about dangerous pedophiles. Where it’s provable, vicious, still just as bad (I don’t believe a true pedophile can be rehabbed – yes, I’m talking about those who do specifically target children, not someone like your son. That was due to some victims being just under 18).

    I also know Risdon Prison SO well. Extremely well. I can’t say how here, no, I have no criminal history.

    I’ll simply say that the medical issues? Oh, they’re real. Denied treatment? 100%.

    Police & the courts? To say I know what goes on is an understatement. Enough that I carry a lot of secrets, many are hard to bear but no, I would never risk my kids.

    No, I would defend a rapist. But then neither can I not be honest with another parent, no matter what that’s parent’s child did.

    Craig was there. The victims told the truth.

    But he was not there as often as it seemed.

    Yes, I knew him. Anyone Shane knew I knew. But I will be honest and say that while I would NEVER doubt what any victim has said, and nor do I, as my heart breaks for them – I truly was as my name states, a lucky woman.
    But Craig wasn’t there as often as some others, one especially.

    I kept watching the media back then waiting for at least one other name to come up. It didn’t. That is partly why I want to see the transcripts – what happened to that name?

    I’m far from biased here, I will say part of what I went on to do was due to all of that – I continue to teach it today, it’s to ensure safety for women in clubs.

    But neither can I lie and say I was not there when out of every female other than staff, I was the most.

    I understand TT that this may not be able to published. If so, can you please let me know what parts to remove that could legally be an issue and I will submit an edited version.

    But yes, I do indeed give permission for my email to be given to Peter. It is the right thing to do, no matter what his son did.

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