Deeper Throat
They should get Karen Vadasz (former Lennon Head of Office – when he was DP) – and Bob Gordon (Chairman of the PMTF) to appear before the LegCo Inquiry.
They were the Pulp Mill Task Force which was setup by Lennon (when he took over from Bacon and he had no room for Vadasz on his Premier’s Office staff) with the specific task of promoting the Mill, liaising with the Tasmanian Forest Industry stakeholders, developing strategies to counter the Greens and enhance the chances of Mill approval through pro-mill propaganda and interference in the approval process.

They were the unofficial conduit between government and Gunns. Vadasz was closer to anyone and knows more than anyone else about Lennon’s activities during his time as DP including the Gunns sponsored election fund raising efforts.

The PMTF had a fully staffed (including 2 senior staffers from the DP’s office) Office within the DSD building and was fully funded by the tax-payer.

She’d probably be in the mood to talk. She is no lover of the Labor Party, coming from solid blue blood stock. Her support of Lennon was personal not political.