John Biggs

The Hobart City Council is to be congratulated on their efforts to save Trinity, but what is incredible in this sad story is how the Anglican hierarchy has been so irresponsible as to allow such a precious resource to fall into such a state, especially when a bequest was specifically made to preserve the fabric of this unique part of Tasmania’s heritage! The case of the organ is symptomatic. Here is a valuable instrument, one of the finest of its kind, being allowed by neglect to fall into serious disrepair, when all it needs to prevent this happening is that someone regularly play it. But the church authorities won’t allow this. They won’t allow anyone near the place as far as I can make out. The citizens of Hobart — for whom the Church was originally built and substantially financed with public money — deserve an explanation. Are the authorities in the grip of some extreme Cromwellian fervor that sees beauty as a support for worship as the creation of the devil? That great architecture, traditional church music and the standard liturgy that gives spiritual comfort to so many, are Satan’s instruments of seduction? There must be some other explanation. I thought at first it was sheer neo-liberal greed — sell off your assets and to hell with heritage — but that hardly squares with allowing those asssets to depreciate so badly. Just what is going on here? Read more, Comment here