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New era for Forestry Tasmania

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Forestry Tasmania is selling its new Sustainability Charter as a new era in public accountability, but the Greens are concerned it’s environmentally friendly in name only. Read more here

And: Lasers used to map forest terrain

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  1. Frank

    August 10, 2008 at 3:12 pm

    Come on people, what do you know about these issues really??
    You may think that you have the facts, but you are not payed to do that, why do you continue to criticise the professionals like the Executives in Forestry Tasmania, you should trust them, not keep criticising.

    Dr. Hans tells Premier David that he knows much better and that he has much better scientific evidence and arguments.
    He is being payed to do this job, therefore he know what is best for Tasmania’s future climate action … continue with continued improvement…
    Very calm and relaxed, just look at the selected spin provided by FT’s Executive General Manager Dr Hans Drielsma:
    “Dr. Drielsma emphasised the fact that contrary to trends elsewhere, forest practices in Tasmania create a net sink of carbon.”

    That’s why our Premier D. B. believes the smooth talking Hans & Co, just like so many others in other board rooms around the world. How could he be wrong? Titanic needs more steam, Titanic requires more speed.
    FT’s spin site states factual spin: * Tasmania is well paced to play an important role
    * Forestry Tasmania will continue to work towards its vision: “Tasmania’s state forests will be a globally trusted source of certified timber and other forest products for this and future generations”

    Hans & Co, claim they continue to lock up more carbon and be aware that “forestry and change in landuse are only minor components of the whole climate change situation…”
    Smooth stuff, …
    What about Methane? What about Nitrous Oxide? Hydrology? Market flexibility?

  2. John Maddock

    August 10, 2008 at 12:37 am

    Quite right Karl!

    I also noted that the tall tree mentioned in the ABC TV news would be preserved as a “carbon store”.

    Typical industry spin and deceit. How do these guys sleep at night?

  3. Pete Godfrey

    August 9, 2008 at 10:33 pm

    Forestry Tasmania can try as hard as they like to put a sustainable spin on their operations but as long as they are logging for woodchip with the odd sawlog as a by product our forests will be over cut.
    Woodchipping must be stopped and only true mill waste or un usable parts of the sawlog trees that are cut down should be chipped.
    FT in their “Sustainable High Quality Eucalypt Sawlog Review no 3” have already stated clearly that our forests are not being managed sustainably.
    If the quantity of sawlog remains the same and the size of the logs reduces over time then the forests are being over cut.
    That is clearly shown on page 16 and 17 of the review.
    We have 605,000 hectares of production eucalypt state forest, it is very easy to meet the RFA without over cutting from this much forest. Just stop supplying GREEDS with woodchip logs.
    GREEDS have already stated that they are happily woochipping veneer peeler logs. The solution is to leave these trees to grow and wait until and environmentally responsible company comes along who will treat the resource with respect.

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