Henry Melville

He asked Tasmania to henceforth honour this day it’s Integrity Day…


Has Tasmania turned a dark corner after seeing a glimmer of light?

How did this happen?

Perhaps it took ordinary people to take this rough, angry beast by the hand and show it the way out of the mire.

That symbolism was on show on a crisp winter evening at the beautifully restored and illuminated ‘old’ Hutchins School in Macquarie Street.

On that stunning crystal-clear night Tasmanians arrived at a Public Forum sponsored by the Law Society of Tasmania.

The time had indeed come, the walrus said, to speak of many things.

In a brightly lit room the panel of speakers was introduced by Law Society President, Malcolm Schyvens. He told an attentive audience that the time had indeed come for ordinary Tasmanians to: ‘Have their say’. Referring to Premier Bartlett’s announcement of a 10-Point Plan to ‘restore trust’ in Government in Tasmania. Malcolm simply stated what most in the room had known for a long, long time.

Using alliteration from Shakespeare – all was not right in the state of Denmark.

Denmark! Well of course our Danish Princess Mary was in Hobart Town whilst the ‘State’ [The Parliament of Tasmania] had removed itself to the northern fiefdom of Launceston.

Yes! This was an auspicious public occasion and AJ Brown, Law Lecturer from Griffith University called 20th August 2008 the day Tasmania turned a corner.

He asked Tasmania to henceforth honour this day it’s Integrity Day.

The new Premier had made a bold start and it was important to acknowledge that turning point. It was essential that each year Tasmania remember on its long journey out of this darkness and reflect on whether it has genuinely become a place of illumination and wisdom.

For if there is more HEAT than LIGHT then we will continue in our hellishly corrupt state with ‘the devil’ still mired in division.

And so Tasmanians of the 21st Millennium – one and all – remember 20 August 2008!

Let us enshrine integrity & trust as values that this special Island upholds…and right NOW keep this Premier and this Government to the task it has now set itself.

Henry Melville