WITH Gunns’ Share Price Here struggling and the company reported to be having difficulty raising finance to build the pulp mill, some concerned residents decided the time was ripe, and indeed right, to help this fine Tasmanian business raise some funds to fast-track the project.

Our small effort, which we hope will be matched by other public-spirited citizens, will go some small way towards helping Gunns pick up some easy cash by flogging off a few unnecessary assets.

Obviously, the free market will dictate what prices Gunns should fetch for some of their redundant assets. But we, knowing the trouble Gunns is having, suggest the following bids should have some chance of success:

Auspine: Paid $335 million, but suggest offers above $100 million
Tamar Ridge: $10 million would be about right. Gunns can write the losses off against other assets.
Carlton Frame: $200
Les Baker: Somewhat less than Carlton
Robin Gray: A slab of Boags Draught

Also likely to be highly sought after will be documents confirming State Government approval of the pulp mill project, which one day, may prove to be an interesting historical artifact.

Happy bidding!

Gatesy and Jeff