Dr Warwick Raverty

The second failure of Australia to secure sustainable value adding for its carbon sequestering plantation forests is a national tragedy. Contrary to other assertions on these pages, the failure was not brought about by extreme green anti-development protests, or by the global economic downturn. It was brought about by the intransigence, greed and lack of foresight by a handful of greedy, third-rate, highly paid senior executives and directors in Gunns Limited and by near sighted, unimaginative and sometimes corrupt politicians in both the Federal and State Liberal and Labor Parties. The recognition of these failings in their elected representatives has, of course, caused an enormous and very appropriate upwelling of protest and political consciousness in tens of thousands of Tasmanians. It has forged the people of the Tamar into a true Community the depth of which is rare in most other parts of Australia. Read more, Comment here