Neil Smith

Section 11 is well-known as the most infamous, but look also at 4(3) – the quasi-divine “consultant” (who worked for a few days to deliver a predetermined outcome and walked away with an easy half million) was to “report” (not recommend) to the Minister that the project should proceed. By section 7, the project was approved if the “consultant” so “reported” – not if the Minister so decided. And the Act allowed each House of Parliament a flat 5 sitting days to “approve or reject” the “Pulp Mill Permit”. Not debate it. Not change it. Certainly not delay it. No way was Parliament to be allowed to exert it’s democratic power should it belatedly wake up to the enormity of what it had previously done. With democracy which operates along those lines, I for one don’t get too upset about a few hecklers in the gallery. Read more, Comment here