Sue Neales Mercury

One website respondent put the distinction well, if somewhat harshly. “(She) is a minister in our Government, and as such, should have been scrupulous in not allowing her private life to impinge on her ministerial duties. “No one gives a rats’ about her sex life, but we do care about the quality of governance and decision making in our state. Her behaviour has not allowed her to properly do the job she was entrusted with by the people of Tasmania.” To some, such arguments as to what can justifiably be reported — and indeed must be reported by the media under its obligations to the wider public — will always appear arcane, fallacious and self-serving. They will simply look like media’s self-justification after the harrowing events of the past week. But it is obvious that to Premier David Bartlett, the distinction was always both clear and acknowledged. Read more, Comment here