Luke Scott Examiner
“Think of this day and this moment, and remember it for the rest of your lives – because this is the day that the Tasmanian people have turned around,” Mr Cundall said. “What we’re fighting against is nothing more than sheer destructive greed that is going to destroy this State if we allow it, and it’s not going to happen.” Read more here

YESTERDAY’S protest came after Gunns submitted the last of 16 environmental modules for the Bell Bay pulp mill on Friday. It also followed news that three Scandinavian companies had been named as possible partners in the $2 billion venture. Read more here

Mark Worley Sunday Tasmanian:
“The parliamentary assessment process was an abortion of the Tasmanian planning system,” Mr Martin said. “If this project had been passed by the RPDC project of state significance assessment criteria . . . I would have been the mill’s number one supporter. “But everyone knows if the mill had been assessed properly, Gunns would never have got approval.” Read more here