U&H Switzerland

Hello people in Tasmania. We would just tell you, we are real people, U=Ursula&H=Hannes: (Comments 30, 43: Pulp will cost Tasmania $300m). Last week at the same time we were on Tasmanian beaches. Now back home in southern Switzerland, at work. We have since not enough time to reply to people like this strange Mister Dr Kevin Bonham. But if it makes him happy, the “t” in the word Hertz was probably because I hited that lettre…. and he could finde a lot of other mistakes in this letter as well …. sorry dear Mr Dr Kevin Bonham. To us, there are more importend things in life. Taking care of nature and people arround us and worldwide. Tasmania is a special place to us an friends. We come here for the 5th time. It is shattering to think of such a pulp mill should be built! But we met lots of Tasmanians, young and old, who are against it. That gives hope. Please people from beautiful Tasmania, dont let this happen.

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