Margaretta Pos

SCREEN TASMANIA is under fire, not only on this website, ( The film that was never made )but on a number of blogs elsewhere on the internet. But where is the mainstream media? The Mercury? The Examiner? ABC Stateline? Nowhere to be seen or heard.

Screen Tasmania’s mission is to support and develop the state’s film, television and multimedia industries by increasing the amount of independent screen production in Tasmania.

Who is responsible for this? The Screen Tasmania Advisory Board. (The website acronym is STAB, which some might say is appropriate). STAB advises the State Government in the same way as the Tasmanian Arts Advisory Board does, with decisions implemented by staff at Screen Tasmania (and Arts Tasmania).

Who heads STAB? Margaret Reynolds. Ms Reynolds is the state manager of National Disability Services and a former Queensland Labor Senator (1983 to 1999).

Who are STAB members? Colin Grubb, a senior producer at ABC Hobart; Michael McMahon, Melbourne-based filmmaker; Nick Cole, a lawyer at DLA Phillips Fox in Sydney; and filmmaker Di Drew.

These are the people who are responsible for funding decisions and acquittal of grants, the latter handled by Screen Tasmania staff.

Perhaps it is time the two arts bodies were rolled into one. It is certainly time a senior journalist trawled through Screen Tasmania’s funding and acquittal records, interviewed Ms Reynolds and spoke to an appropriate range of people in the industry.

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