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Nervous Krakatoa (incomplete)


Can I touch you!
Can I touch you?
Can I feel your skin
and …

Can I stroke you!
can I stroke you?
Can I touch your skin
and …

Can you call me,
Can you call me?
Can you Siren,
Sound, unhinge me

Can I sense that
soft vibration,
startled synapse,

Can I hold you,
Can I hold you,
Can I cuddle
And unfold you

Can I pour my pink Bellini
In to your

Can I watch its overflow
Down into
Valleys that are
Soft down

Can I see it
As it pools there,
A deep
mysterious sea, where

My tongue can
dip in wonder
and feel the tremor
rising, of

… !

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  1. Bob Wilson

    February 4, 2008 at 1:54 pm

    Zorb’s Song ( or a bowler’s ballad)

    As his bowl comes slowly to rest
    Zorba watches with great apprehension,
    And I, with acertain degree of tension.
    “I think I have shot” he shouts with glee.
    “Be quiet, we’re stillone down” I advise him pointedly.
    He takes his stance, down on his haunches,
    And a full blooded drive he thereby launches.
    He hits the target and scatters the head,
    “Oh t’is an easy game these bowls ” he said

  2. watcher On The Balcony

    February 3, 2008 at 4:58 am

    Well? Here we sit in a state of interruptus. Let’s move on to Krakatoa … please (groan! pant!)

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