Lester Barker

Perhaps I can offer a bit of advice to the greens around here? Instead of devoting so much energy insulting me and trying to stop the Georgetown pulp mill why not write to Premier Lennon and Deputy Premier Rolley and plead with them to look at ways to add subsidies to Gunns and the peoples mill. We subsidise the unemployed. Why should we not subsidise the employed? People seem to forget that this pulp mill is a joint venture between the Tasmanian government and Gunns. Ask yourselves taxpayers of Tasmania, would you rather the people in the logging industry sitting at home on big fat payouts from the Mark Lathams of this world, or even worse – on the dole. Or would you rather loggers out there doing an honest days work? Ask yourselves people? Would you rather loggers working and therefore the forests working or not? Read more (Comments 70,71), Comment HERE