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GOERGE TOWN residents have narrowly voted in support of Gunns’ controversial northern Tasmanian pulp mill. Mill opponents forced the council to hold the poll and 64% of George Town voters responded. Of those, just over 52% were convinced the mill would not have a net adverse effect on their social, economic and environmental well-being. Between 53% and 56% responded ‘Yes’ when questioned whether they agreed with the assessment process, the type of mill and its location in the Tamar Valley. That has disappointed but not deterred mill opponent Jim Welsh. “There’s still enough people there against the pulp mill to say, ‘Well we need to work harder in future’.” Ros Lawrence from the George Town business group Facts wants opponents to accept the result. Read more here

And, have your say: After the 6pm news on Radio National, tonight (Wed): Australia Talks … this week’s topic is the Tassie pulp mill.