Henry Melville: How do you ‘change’ the image of bad eggs into good eggs … try changing the name of the product! From Pitts to Pure Foods eggs with the stroke of a pen! This rebadging is about to happen and you heard if first on Tasmanian Times. The means of production will still predominantly be battery-cage hens – but under new Pure Foods Eggs Pty Ltd label.

With the Tasmanian Department (DPIW) responsible for regulating the egg industry simultaneously promoting agricultural production, is it any wonder that this Agency is like a headless chook (excuse the gruesome pun!), mired in reactive crisis management & the over-use of propaganda.

DPIWI’s animal welfare hand-maiden, the RSPCA has slowly but rather reluctantly became involved in the egg production issue – as an animal welfare issue. And the Office of the Director of Public Health (Tasmania) should be demonstratively involved – as a public health issue.