Claire Gilmour

THE STATE GOVERNMENT’S reaction to a recent arrow killing of a possum was hypocritical. Whilst undeniably this killing was a bad thing, it is no different to the suffering caused by the ‘legal’ mass killing of such creatures by the government still allowing 1080 to be used.
Non-target death: a brushtail possum

Sickening Arrow Killing of Animal
(Mon 4th Feb 2008 – Government media release)

Of the arrow shot possum the head of Wildlife Management Mr Davies said, “This is the senseless killing of an animal. Although not endangered, the brush-tailed possum is a protected species like most of our native animals,”

“Firstly, it is illegal to take them without a permit. Secondly, it is illegal to use an unapproved method to take a protected species. The person or person’s responsible risk fines of up to $10,000 on each count.”

At potentially $10,000 a pop, just imagine the bill to the likes of Gunns and Forestry and other 1080 users for their years of wildlife killing sprees. But apparently it’s different, because that’s legal. It’s a Tassie gov shuffle law. One law for the public and an exemption law for their preferred industry’s or government money grabbing departments. How does the government lead by example? Mass killing is better than single killing? How does legal 1080 killing and suffering make it right? Legal does not make it any less painless or any more right or any less sickening.

Who is overseeing this native wildlife killing spree? Who is ultimately responsible for killing all these animals? We are not talking about half a dozen animals, we are talking thousands, and that’s without counting the cost of what happens down the wildlife chain.

As a wildlife officer has said to us – in the same evening he could drop off an injured wild animal to a carer, then half an hour later, give out a 1080 permit to allow the suffering and destruction of hundreds of other wildlife. That’s apparently how progressive governments (or should that say destructive governments?) set-up their departments to keep the heat off.

1080: A Legal Native Critter Killing Spree …there is no other word for it … it’s simply government hypocrisy, no matter how much they hide it on public land or try and bury it on public land. Sickening isn’t it!

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Claire Gilmour