Your Very Good Health

THE remnant Pol Roger is opened with a sigh, the odd turkey bone litters the humble deck in Howrah Flats and Tassie Times is pausing for a brief summer break … and fresh articles won’t be published ’til about Monday, January 7, perhaps even later, depending on soft-tissue damage … unless, of course, the Moon turns to blood. There’s heaps of new stuff to keep yuh goin’, below, headed by Kevin Bonham’s brilliant federal poll analysis. Comments will occasionally, haphazardly, be moderated. All the very best beloved readers, participants in this wondrous Agora … for without you there would be no …

Tasmanian Times

Santa on head, and picture, by chance meeting with Steph, Leslie’s daughter: Montgomerys Hotel, approx 10pm, Saturday, December 23, 2006.