Deeper Throat True tales from the Emperor’s Court. The second of many revelations …

NOT many people know that Federal Hotels have 120 LESS poker machines in their casinos than they are permitted under the licensing agreement.

Because they are earmarked for the mini-casino being secretly organised for the Tattersalls Park complex (Elwick Racetrack) at Glenorchy.

Part of the TOTE business plan to justify the $18 million spent on the co-location was the need to supplement the income from a site that is only used for roughly a third of the year.

Their plan was to seek a licence for 120 Electronic Gaming Machines.

However, they were advised that it would never get through the Gaming Commission.

The way around this? A bit of lateral thinking … each club located at the site is able to apply for 40 machines and thereby get around the regulations.

That’s my information.

Oh, to be a fly on the wall when the owners of all those northern suburbs pubs read this.

Not to mention former Glenorchy Mayor (and recalcitrant Labor MLC) Terry Martin. He’s bound to go ballistic.

Cabinet also likely has absolutely no idea.

I reckon this plan has been cooked up by the the TOTE Board, Premier Paul Lennon and Federal Hotels.

Can’t see Treasury head Don Challen being for it either.

But, oh, think of all that lovely moolah from the working class bank accounts of the Northern suburbs ….