Alison Bleaney

Prof Tyrone Hayes, Professor of Integrative Biology at Berkley, California and a leading world expert on atrazine and effects of chemical mixtures on amphibians and human health is visiting Australia primarily to meet with the APVMA regarding the regulatory review of atrazine.

Tasmanian Public Meeting
Tailrace Centre, Sat 23 June 2007, 7 for 7.30

Melbourne Public Meeting
5pm-6.30pm RMIT
(flier will be out soon)

From Tyrone Hayes

I have seen some of the exchange in Tasmania Times. My responses, please feel free to post.

Regarding amphibians:
My paper analyzing funding and flaws in amphibian endocrine disruption studies is attached (HayesBioscience). I also attach my more recent comments on ALL peer-reviewed studies on atrazine and ANY adverse effects in amphibians (atrazineamphibiansandmoney). The first piece is peer-reviewed and published. The second is not yet published.

Regarding Prostate cancer:
The relationship between prostate cancer and atrazine is NOT simply my opinion. Despite the “opinions” that Syngenta may pay for, the attached (atrazineandprostate) are all factual statements (quotes) from a Syngenta-funded study conducted in a Syngenta factory.

Regarding Breast Cancer:
I won’t even review the data here … see this simple question attached (atrazineandbreastcancer). This question was posed to Syngenta in an online debate, but they never responded.