Press Release

P.O.S.H looking for Home

Wednesday 2nd May 2007

People Opposed to Selfish Householders (P.O.S.H) have struck again, today placing an advertisement in The Mercury. In their ongoing campaign to embarrass the Hobart City Council over their mishandling of the 20 Fitzroy Place, Sandy Bay affordable housing development the classified ad, placed in the ‘Wanted To Rent’ section, reads:

MANSION in Fitzroy Place or surrounding area. Needed for low cost accommodation. Prefer friendly neighbours. STCA (sigh) E: or Rob on 62382702.

Spokesperson for P.O.S.H, Terry Battla, stating;

‘I was loitering near the courts the other night when Barry Badluk told me about the Hearing before the Supreme Court earlier that day.
Lawyers resplendent in their pinstriped Ermenegildo Zegna suits arguing over the so-called ‘technicality’ of whether or not homeless people should have a roof over their head. What an astonishing waste of ratepayers money! When resolving the plight of the homeless is up against this level of idiocy you really have to wonder where the world is heading.’

A fortnight ago P.O.S.H caused a stir when they letterboxed all HCC Aldermen houses and surrounding streets with a flyer outlining their case. In that flyer they called for Aldermen to act with conscience with regard to the proposed development, and to resist calls from the minority of opposed local residents.

Mr Battla concluding;

‘Initially we were going to follow up the limited letterboxing campaign with a citywide effort. But then Fiona Lucklys and Gary Dremscrushed, my good friends… former good friends actually, developed blisters and eloped (stowed away) in a huge catamaran heading down the Derwent.’